Ischka fan de Groenbank – (Sake 449 x Teunis 332) filly (b. March 2010)

Ischka was born naturally to Femma in March 2010 and from the moment she was born she has been wonderfully entertaining! We called her our little ‘time waster’ as there was something about her that was quite addictive.  If we were asked to describe her in four words they would be ‘elegant’, ‘considered’, ‘sensitive’ & ‘intelligent’ all of which we think made this lady quite special.

We took a risk with this breeding as it was Sake’s first season at Stud so the quality of his offspring were not known yet.  Sake’s father, Doaitsen has been very heavily used over the last few years because he is from one of the lesser used bloodlines.  We want to breed with the future in mind and recognise the importance of making good use of the smaller bloodlines and to keep the kinship percentage as low as possible, hence our decision to use Sake.  Time will tell whether this was a sensible risk to take.

Ischka went along to the gradings in September 2010, taking it all her stride, as we expected her to and came out with a 1st Premie with the following scores:

Racial Type: 7
Frame: 7
Development: 7
Walk: 7.5
Trot: 7.5

At the end of 2013, Ischka was backed. As expected, she loved the extra attention she got over that period of time. Getting her used to people on her back and even taking her out on short hacks later on in the process was as much of a pleasure for us as it was for her. Over winter, Ischka got some time to process it all and to give her some rest and some more time to grow. In the spring of 2014, we slowly picked her up again. In May, Ischka went on her very first dressage outing. In the intro A class that we entered her in she got 81,09%, being only 4 years old and having done very little schooling. Further on in May, we took her to a FHAGBI clinic day. Ischka did very well, doing a lunging clinic as well as a dressage clinic, both from Jolanda Schreuder from Holland. During the Summer of 2014, we came to the realisation that a horse as willing and talented as Ischka should be given all the time to develop, since she would easily be overworked. That, and the fact that in Summer we are very busy with weddings, hacks and experience days, made us decide to turn her out in the field again and let her grow more, mentally as well as physically.

Unfortunately, Ischka was diagnosed with aortopulmonary fistulation in January 2015. In February, we had her put down. Ischka was a true joy to have around for the 5 years that she lived, and she will always have a very special place in our hearts.



Video of the condition that Ischka suffered from
Video memorial of Ischka




Ishke 3 days old
Cartmel Village ride