Jolanda fan de Groenbank (b. 30 May 2011)

Femma L gave birth to a healthy long legged filly foal, to Gjalt 426, on 30 May 2011. Jolanda was judged by the inspectors from the KFPS at the UK Gradings in 2011 and awarded 1st Premie which only 5% of foals achieve each year.

Jolanda lives in a field with our herd of Friesians and youngstock, amongst which her two sisters. They have over 20 acres of pasture to roam around. Jolanda has still got very long legs and we’ve decided to let her stay out in the field until we think she is ready to be backed. Her body obviously needs enough time to grow and to mature, and we want to give her all the time she needs for that.

To find out more about Jolanda's mother Femma, click here.

Jolanda at the 2011 UK Friesian Inspections
Femma in foal with Jolanda in May 2011


Jolanda fan de Groenbank (Gjalt 426)
Tracey Venter and jolanda
Tracey Venter and the girls