Ineka fan de Groenbank – (Tsjerk 328 x Teunis 332) filly (b. January 2010)

Ineka (or ‘Neeky Nooz’ as we call her) has the privilege of being the first Friesian in the UK to be born by Embryo Transfer. 

She started life in her biological mother, Femma and after 8 days was flushed out and popped inside her surrogate mother, Jubilee, a large, roomy chestnut warmblood mare who we leased from Twemlows stud in Cheshire.

Born during the very cold January of 2010 she looked very much like a big woolly bear for the first 6 months of her life.  By the end of the summer she was a tall, elegant lady who achieved a 2nd Premie at the the FHAGBI inspections in September.
One of the things that amazed us about Neeka was her very long legs and the speed in which she grew.  She is undoubtedly going to be a tall and imposing mare when she has matured.

Neeka’s mother is quite a hot headed mare, and her father, Tsjerk is known for throwing horses of a similar nature.  We knew this breeding could produce ‘hot blood’ but we knew it was a lineage proven to throw very good quality horses.

So far, Neeka is quite happily proving to us every day that she has the hot headedness of both her mother and father!!  As we handle our youngsters every day this will be channelled in the right direction and as she matures, this sharpness will be a great benefit to her as a sports horse.

Neeka was backed in the Summer 2014. As expected, her feisty character did make it a bit of a challenge to get her under saddle, and we did have to go about it carefully and slowly. Since she is bred by us and we know her through and through, we did manage to back her and get her out on the roads within a couple of weeks. Getting her out in traffic did not cause any problems, mainly because she has done quite a bit of ride-and-leading when she was younger. Neeka was turned out again during the Winter of 2014, and we look forward to picking her up again in the Spring of 2015. If she does well, she will be taken out on hacks more and do some schooling, so that she can participate in a couple of Experience Days this Summer.

Video of Friesian embryo transfer foal -‪"Ineke fan de Groenbank"
(Tsjerk Stb x Femma L Model)‬