Our Friesian Horses

The Friesian - the black pearl of the horse world.  This very special breed of horse is renowned for its luxurious appearance, friendliness, intelligence, adaptability and an enormous willingness to work.

It is for all these reasons and more that these horses have captured our hearts, imaginations and lives.  Our horses are outstanding examples of the breed and our Friesian family has grown steadily over the years.  The individual horses are described in greater detail in the links below but for those interested primarily in our driving horses, please visit the pages for Hidde, Hoitze, Droomwals & Vela.

Droomwalls Femma L Hidde
Droomwalls Femma Hidde
Hoitze Vela Anja
Hoitze Vela Anja


Ineka Hannes
Ischka Ineka For Sale: Hannes


Wouter tack
For Sale: Renske For Sale: Wouter Sold: Welmoed


Yentile tack
Sold: Syl Sold: Yentile Sold: Anky
tack tack tack
Sold: Wilina    
Hoitze bowing
Hoitze bowing