Friesian Training

Over the years we have built up a thorough understanding of the Friesian horse, who in many ways is different to other horses.  We are able to take Friesians in for all disciplines of training.

Our passion for these horses is not only in the breeding but also in ensuring they are brought on in a professional manner.  Many horses are ruined through lack of understanding and inconsistent training.  We do not employ others to educate our horses or other peoples.  We take great pride in the knowledge that we have personally trained every horse in our yard.

It is often forgotten that when a horse comes over from Holland they will not have seen a hill, it is quite likely they have done very little hacking and acclimatising them to their new environment can take time, patience and understanding.

on the lunge
Doutzen on the lunge

Whilst at our farm they will have the opportunity to school, hack in open countryside, alone and in company, up and down hills, on quiet lanes and through a small, but busy village where they will be exposed to a variety of traffic conditions.  As a working farm they will become accustomed to the sites and sounds of a busy yard and farm machinery all in a calm and safe environment.

We regularly compete our own horses at various levels and if required can take your horse along for the experience so they become used to this environment.

If you have a particular training issue we are happy to discuss your requirements with you as no two horses are the same.  

Our services include the following:

From youngsters to older horses that need reminding of their manners!

Horses taken in for general schooling and dressage preparation.

Driving training for singles, pairs, unicorns and teams

Our success at the FHAGBI official KFPS Inspections is unrivalled and we are pleased to offer training for Friesians from 2.5yrs upwards for presentation in the UK.  Alternately we can offer training to owners wishing to prepare their own horses.

We offer assessment of the issues affecting the horse and how they may be associated with its current environment, handling or health and work with owners to find a way forward.

For more information email:
or telephone: 07776145424

on the lunge
Ischka in training
Training on the lunge
Tracey exercising Doutzen
Taking to the carriage
Putting to the carriage for the first time
Gentle & sympathetic backing
Frieisan experience
Training for the carriage horse
Frieisan training on the lunge
Tracey riding the IBOP on Anja